May 21, 2012

Tomorrow's Muse

With determination,
the sun wakes to chase the moon away,
dusts her seat and seeths with mild fury.
Wake to taunts of the birds
In their carefree symphony
Why snuggle under sheets when the cock
drops from his roost, shakes the dew away
and calls the warriors to their lines

They trudge on in the heat and shivering rain
packs laden with their microcosmic hopes
Some begging surcease from bryzantine task and master
In exchange for her sibilant brew and illusory orts
There is no escape from this struggle
March or forever trash in this dungeon
For tomorrow could be our every gain,
our joy and our ebullient dreams from yesterday

The song is droning to the final chime
as darkness lays out her crinkly robes
and begins to numb with her soporific gaze
So we fail to see how slippery the road has become
Do not miss this step of doom
Comrade no!
Yonder lies the weary wreath
For the brow that stood the dulling ache

Alas the end – trumpet I hear not
Just the sign on this yellow wood
Future’s bright ahead
Rest awhile comrade, ‘tis just another phase