June 8, 2014

Untethered: Memoirs of a retired nerd

I'm a very private person. If life was an AA meeting, I would be that one guy who comes in every time, sits at the back, listens to everybody's stories but shares none of his.

A lot of thought has gone into this decision to share coupled with great encouragement from friends, and the excuse of a milestone birthday, I'm finally opening the drapes and letting light on the many memories I've filed away.

These stories are not written with any set-out aims. I am not looking to inspire, educate, entertain or do any of those things writers have at the back of their minds when they write anything.

Oh! There'll be meaning, I'm sure of it ; learning and even fun too but I'd rather leave you to that and focus on taking you through the stories of how a self-absorbed nerdy kid swung through a phase of life and the tunes he whistled as he went by.