Kabolobari Benakole

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Jan 9, 2014

Does Sun sit on clouds?

This morning the sun confused me. She told me there was east – where she sat. But she can’t be wrong – she’s always been there. There I’ve always taken to be

Aug 14, 2012

Home Burial

The old man left a will to this effect: (He wrote so much as his diaries show.) Should I inconvenience you yet again With details of his words of wishes – They’re indeed

Aug 8, 2012

On Her Breath

My wife’s breathing and mine Never come at the same time, Thankfully, they’re out of sync. You could wish that they do - It would make a fine statement For our

Jun 9, 2012

See The Light

A light there is all ought to see The way it's meant to be: At every dawn it comes up free! And so it's meant to be. A light