Sep 3, 2015

Eket 0.5

Here it rains on Mondays - right at the break of dawn on Sundays too, so we stay home. It rains on sad days, happy days and even on days when we wear

Sep 2, 2015

The Happiness jar

I made a happiness jar Out of an old lotion container; transparent, label peeled off, cover glued shut Just a slit for the memories to slide in and breathe That day the sun

Sep 1, 2015

Dark days

There is something in the darkness that knew my name Knew how to whisper it right, and make my ears burn Made me weary of the light, Of flowers, of laughter and the

Aug 31, 2015

No. 33

Today, I passed by No. 33 again And like all the other times, I imagine your face, your smile - into beautiful and bright coloured murals, then paint them out on the glass

Jun 10, 2014

Reaping Happiness

I've always considered happiness as the planting - the active state where company and fun coalesces into joy but in the course of picking the most memorable moment in my life

Feb 19, 2014


When I pass through villages, On trips home - from equally classy towns I’m filled with this longing of a life, A life I once had Of green, wild bushes, Farmlands and

Feb 18, 2014

A Random Harmattan Night in Abuja

I was first drawn to the leaves - the leaves, brown and layered out on the ground Occasionally they would rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall In continued obeisance to

Jan 9, 2014

Does Sun sit on clouds?

This morning the sun confused me. She told me there was east – where she sat. But she can’t be wrong – she’s always been there. There I’ve always taken to be

Mar 6, 2013

The Plea

Stay here and love me let me bask in your laughter, conspire against june... For death is- an unwilling pilgrim always, seeking a little rest

Aug 14, 2012

Home Burial

The old man left a will to this effect: (He wrote so much as his diaries show.) Should I inconvenience you yet again With details of his words of wishes – They’re indeed

Aug 8, 2012

On Her Breath

My wife’s breathing and mine Never come at the same time, Thankfully, they’re out of sync. You could wish that they do - It would make a fine statement For our